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Keyence: New Elemental Analysis for Material Characterization

For the first time ever, LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) technology has been introduced to a microscope. Salient features include:

• Extremely fast, pinpoint analysis performed in under 30 seconds.
• Both magnified observation and elemental analysis can be done in real-time with a single device.
• Elemental analysis can be performed on the spot whenever necessary.
• Non-destructive, alteration-free analysis is possible on targets of any size.
• No conductivity treatment or vacuuming is required for analysis.
• One-click elemental analysis is possible.
• An integrated AI function will recommend the most likely detected material.
• No environmental studies or extensive training needed!
• Anyone should attend who is interested in material characterization.

The EA Series Elemental Analyzer uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with a highly safe Class 1 laser. The laser turns the target surface into plasma while a broadband (deep UV to near-infrared) high- resolution spectrometer detects the emitted light color. The microscope optics are situated along the same axis to visualize the target area.

An integrated database includes thousands of elemental patterns, allowing the device to instantly determine not only the detected elements but also suggest the material name. Material data is organized hierarchically to make it easy to check the specific name, generic name, and description. The database can also be used to collect historical in-house analysis results for reference when similar foreign particles are detected. This makes it possible for anyone to identify a material instantly with no advanced technical skill required.

The Keyence representative will be in ESB G64 on February 24 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am to give a demonstration of this elemental analysis module option. Please RSVP to Greg Collins if you are interested in the demo.