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Anthony DeBastiani


Dr. Anthony DeBastiani currently serves as the Interim Manager of the Bio Nano Research Facilities (BNRF). He has over 20 years of experience in lab operations and chemical analytical techniques.

After earning his undergraduate ACS-certified B.S. in Chemistry from West Virginia University in 1999, Dr. DeBastiani worked in industry as an analytical chemist at Mylan Pharmaceuticals. He progressed at Mylan to Laboratory Manager and was responsible for managing the laboratory functions for a large group of scientists and chemists. Though Dr. DeBastiani's position at Mylan was eliminated during the company's 2018 downsizing, Dr. DeBastiani quickly pivoted in his career and entered the chemistry doctoral program at WVU. In 2022, Dr. DeBastiani earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry in the area of analytical chemistry under the mentorship of Dr. Stephen Valentine. His dissertation work was titled "Advancing Compound Detection and Identification Using Vibrating Sharp Edge Spray Ionization".  Before the current position, Dr. DeBastiani has managed the Shared Research Instrumentation and NMR facility within the C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry at WVU.