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Deans' InSPIRe--Instrumentation Seed Program for Innovative Research

Inspiration strikes! Don't let lack of discretionary funding stop you from pursuing your new idea.

Deans' InSPIRe provides an opportunity to test new ideas using SRF instrumentation at no cost to eligible faculty members. 

This seed program runs through June 30, 2024.

Deans' InSPIRe is funded by the Deans of the:

Tenured and tenure track faculty from these colleges are eligible to apply for time on SRF instruments to conduct experiments to gather preliminary data for proposals, to satisfy journal reviewers' comments, or other, similar outcome that would help advance a faculty member's research reputation.

No deadlines. Apply any time.

Access by trained, approved users only. No training is provided under this program.

Don't have a trained user? Then request assistance from an SRF Manager in the application.

The online application (see link below) includes: 

Requests to supplement existing funded projects for which analysis funding has run out do not qualify.

No time to complete the application? Come back later to finish. The system will save it for up to one month.

SRF Managers may contact you to discuss your submission. 

SRF will seek recommendations from your respective chair and research dean about your request. You are encouraged to let them know that you applied. You will receive an email copy of your request from WVU Shared Research Facilities Deans' InSPIRe <>.

Award notifications are made via iLab. To get an iLab account, see: 

Questions? Contact Dr. Aamer Mahmood.

START YOUR DEANS' InSPIRe APPLICATION HERE!  You will be linked to a Qualtrics "survey" application form.