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Facilities Locations

Research Facilities

On WVU's Downtown and Evansdale campuses

Chemical Research lab

BioNano Research

Downtown Campus:
381 Chemistry Research Laboratory, Prospect St.

Major Instruments: LC-MS/MS w/ orbitrap, UHPLC, electrophoresis, CD spectrometer, fluorescent microscope, cell culture facilities

Evansdale Campus:
G75E Engineering Sciences Building, Evansdale Dr.

Major Instruments: cell culture facilities, autoclave, fluorescent microscope

BioNano Maps
Engineering Sciences Building entrance


Downtown Campus:
414 White Hall, Stewart St.

Major Instruments: mask aligner, sputtering, PLD, profilometer, dicing saw

Evansdale Campus:
G75B Engineering Sciences Building, Evansdale Dr.

Major Instruments: mask aligner, profiler, spinners, JEOL SEM e-beam lithography, e-beam evaporation, ICP-RIE

Cleanroom Maps
Engineering Sciences Building

Electron Microscopy

Evansdale Campus:    Engineering Sciences Building, B64-66 and G57E2, Evansdale Dr.

Major Instruments: JEOL JEM-2100 TEM, Hitachi S-4700 SEM, sputter and carbon coater, CO2 drier, saw, polisher, ultramicrotome

Electron Microscopy Maps
White Hall building

Materials Characterization

Downtown Campus:
White Hall, Willey St.

Major Instruments: XRD, AFM 

381 Chemistry Research Laboratory, Prospect St. 

Major Instruments: Raman

Evansdale Campus:
Engineering Sciences Building, Evansdale Dr., G75C office 

Major Instruments: XRD, FTIR, ellipsometer, XPS

Materials Characterization Maps