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EMF Instruments

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM) 


Purpose: Structural characterization and e-beam lithography of complex patterns at nanometer scale precision

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)


Purpose: Structural analysis of a wide range of specimens in diverse fields such as materials, nanotechnology, biological sciences among others.

Instrument Specifications:

Sample Preparation

Baltec CO2 Critical Point Dryer CPD30

Purpose: Sample preparation for SEM 

Instrument Specifications:

Leica Ultramicrotome UC7 RT

Purpose: Sample preparation for electron microscopy 

Instrument Specifications: 

  • Easy preparation of sections for TEM, SEM, AFM and LM examination
  • Automatic thin and ultrathin cuts with high reproducibility
  • Ancillary equipment: glass knife maker
  • Three independent LED light sources that provide outstanding illumination
  • Easy operation for new or experienced users

Denton Desk V Sputter and Carbon Coater

Purpose: Sample preparation for electron microscopy

Instrument Specifications:

Allied High Tech MultiPrep Polishing System

Purpose: Grinding and polishing of samples for electron microscopy

Instrument Specifications:

Fischione 1050 TEM Mill

Purpose: Sample preparation for TEM 

Instrument Specifications:

BioSample Preparation Lab

Purpose: Preparation of biological materials for scanning or transmission electron microscopy

Lab Specifications: