Shared Research Facilities provide students and researchers with the opportunity to use cutting-edge materials, science and engineering equipment. We are open to all researchers, including researchers at government laboratories and industries. Our staff provide training, guidance and assistance in operating the instruments and perform routine maintenance.

Our five primary facilities that operate on the Downtown and Evansdale campuses are designed to help researchers pursue interdisciplinary work on nano-enabled science, engineering, biology and medicine.

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What's New?

SRF welcomes new managers, Dr. Qiang Wang and Dr. Qi Zeng, for Materials Characterization Facilities and BioNano Research Facilities respectively.

We're Saving You a Seat

We're Saving You a SeatElectron microscopist Dr. Marcela Redigolo can show you how to get the most from Transmission Electron Microscopy. She is one of four Ph.D. experts available to assist you with your research needs. Whether you are a researcher at WVU or at another higher education institution, national lab, or in industry, WVU's Shared Research Facilities are available for your use. TEM, SEM, XRD, Raman, LC MS/MS are among the techniques available. Let us help you expand your research horizons. Click through these slides or on the Info Center and Facilities links in the header above to learn how.

Bionano Facility

Bionano Research FacilityThe BioNano Research Facility consists of equipment on Evansdale and Downtown campuses that facilitate research at the intersection of biology and nanomaterials. Funded by a National Science Foundation grant. The Facility Manager is Qi Zeng, Ph.D

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Cleanroom Facility

Cleanroom FacilityThe cleanroom, located in the Engineering Sciences Building, is the key laboratory for fabricating electrical and photonic devices. This suite of labs consists of 2,100 square feet of clean space and accompanying support spaces. The clean spaces include class 100, class 1,000 and two class 10,000 rooms. The facility is capable of photo- and e-beam lithography, wet chemical processing, metallization and deposition, reactive ion etching, and thermal processing. The Cleanroom Manager is Harley Hart.

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Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy FacilityThe Electron Microscopy Facility is located in the Engineering Sciences Building (ESB). Its laboratories are fundamental for structural analyses of different nanostructures, going from bulk samples to biological. The Electron Microscopy facility manager is Marcela Redigolo, Ph.D.

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Materials Characterization

Materials Fabrication and Characterization

Materials characterization techniques include x-ray diffraction, chemical analyses such as X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy, and Optical techniques. Equipment is located in the Engineering Research Building (ERB), White Hall (WH), Hodges Hall (HH), and the Engineering Science Building (ESB). The facility manager is Qiang Wang, Ph.D.

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