Shared facilities provide students and postdoctoral researchers with the opportunity to use cutting-edge materials, science and engineering equipment. WVU Shared Research Facilities (SRF) is open to all researchers, including researchers at government laboratories and industries. SRF staff provide training, guidance and assistance in operating the instruments and perform routine maintenance.

The Shared Research Facilities group oversees four primary areas of research operating in the Downtown and Evansdale campuses at WVU. All four are designed to help researchers pursue interdisciplinary work on nanoscience, engineering, materials science, forensics, medicine and other areas by providing access and technical assistance.

The four areas are:

Laboratory Locations

  • White Hall (Downtown Campus)
  • Chemistry Research Laboratory (Downtown Campus)
  • Engineering Science Building (Evansdale Campus)
  • Engineering Research Building (Evansdale Campus)

Detailed maps of each location are posted under locations in the facilities pages.

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