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CORES no more: SRF to launch iLab Solutions management this summer

SRF will begin migrating from CORES to the iLab Solutions management system beginning in early June. CORES new owner, Agilent Crosslab, is no longer supporting CORES, replacing it with iLab Solutions. SRF will be migrating its for 'cores' or facilities in three waves.

Wave 1 includes the Cleanroom Facilities and is expected to go live on June. 

Wave 2 includes the Electron Microscopy Facilities and the Materials Characterization Facilities and will take place in late June/early July.

Wave 3 includes the BioNano Research Facilities and will take place in July.

Existing users and PIs will be transferred to the new system so they can start using iLab as soon as the system goes live.

“Open House” training sessions will be held each Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to noon in MRB 243 as we go through the entire migration, in tandem with the CRF go-live. The first 40 minutes of each session will feature a formal presentation about how to use iLab. The remaining time will be treated like office hours for users to get help.

Just prior to the go-live date for each core, current PIs will receive an email with specific PI instructions for how to get started and current Users will receive emails with specific user instructions for how to get started, how to make reservations, and how to request training and assistance. The email will also provide information about features available in iLab that were not in CORES.

SRF Managers and the Director welcome questions and ideas as we implement the transition.