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Marcela Redigolo named SRF Chemical Hygiene Officer

SRF Electron Microscopy Facilities Manager, Dr. Marcela Redigolo, has been named the Chemical Hygiene Officer for Shared Research Facilities. She is responsible for overseeing the annual chemical inventory update across all SRF laboratories on both the downtown and Evansdale campuses.

She also maintains the comprehensive list of trained laboratory personnel--students as well as staff who use SRF labs--ensuring that all attend mandatory annual HazComm/Lab Safety/Haz Waste training. Dr. Redigolo is the lead provider of the SRF's introductory training program--General Laboratory and Chemical Safety Training. She bears lead responsibility for reviewing and revising or creating specific chemical hygiene plans for SRF labs. She can provide technical assistance to laboratory staff regarding chemical handling, storage, use, and disposal.