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COVID-19 SRF procedures

To maintain the safety of those who use SRF instruments during the novel coronavirus pandemic, all users, PIs, and staff will adhere to these SRF procedures. PIs must have completed the WVU Research Office pledge ( and agree to abide by all WVU and College requirements in addition to the ones described below.

SRF labs will be available from 7 am to 10 pm. It is up to PIs to obtain approval from the designated authority for permission for their users to access buildings that may close sooner than 10 pm. (Jason Dean for ESB, ERB, Barbara Foster & Duncan Lorimer for CRL, DJ Pisano & Duncan Lorimer for White Hall.) 

If a trained user has not used an instrument since last March, the user must contact the SRF Manager responsible for that instrument to schedule a review meeting. Send email with the subject heading: TRAINED USER REQUEST FOR INSTRUMENT ACCESS. 



Safety and iLab Training

Scheduling Training

BioNano Research Facilities Instrument Training

Cleanroom Facilities Instrument Training

Electron Microscopy Facilities Instrument Training

Materials Characterization Facilities Instrument Training

  • If a user fails the review, the manager will consult with the PI about how to handle the situation through the fall semester.

Instrument Scheduling

  • Users will schedule instruments using iLab. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance of intended usage to ensure occupancy restrictions (below) are met and sufficient cleaning time is allocated. No walk-up scheduling permitted. Exceptions may be granted at the Managers’ discretion.
  • Managers will review requests in iLab daily and will approve them or work with the user to schedule another time.
  • MCF’s XRD, XPS, and ellipsometer require the use of special software for analysis available only on the computers that operate the instruments. Users will schedule analysis time as if they are scheduling the instrument for usage and notify Dr. Qiang Wang via email about analysis time so that instrument charges may be corrected.
  • COVID-19 projects take priority.
  • In case of another shut-down notification, users should plan their experiments so that sample analyses may be completed, or samples may be stored safely quickly, otherwise risk losing the work performed to the point of the shut-down order.

Occupancy, Safety, and Social Distancing 

Users must maintain 6 feet distance from others in the building/lab. Occupancy is as follows:

  • CRL 381 --    3 persons
  • CRL 381D -- 1 person
  • ERB 211 --    2 persons
  • ESB B61D -- 1 person
  • ESB B62 --    1 person
  • ESB B63 --    1 person
  • ESB B64 --    1 person
  • ESB B66 --    1 person
  • ESB G75 --    4, 1 person per interior room
  • WH B20A--    1 person
  • WH 402 --      1 person
  • WH 414 --      3, 1 person per interior room
  • No friends or lab mates are permitted to observe users using instruments.
  • Users are responsible for identifying a lab partner with whom they will remain in contact about their presence in an SRF lab—the “buddy” safety protocol.  This is a safety measure required by the WVU Research Office.
  • Staff and users must use hand sanitizer first. Generally, sanitizers are located in halls near SRF labs and will be found on benches or tables inside the labs.
  • Surgical or similar masks will be worn at all times by all personnel.
  • Other PPE (lab coats, cleanroom suits, gloves) should be worn as required by the lab (e.g. CRF) and the experiments to avoid sample contamination.
  • Fresh PPE must be donned when returning to the instrument from a meal or restroom break.
  • Users must disinfect instruments before and after each use. Signs with instructions will be posted near all instruments. Managers will discuss cleaning protocols during the initial review meeting. (see above)
  • EMF Samples requiring the use of osmium tetroxide will be prepared ONLY by Dr. Redigolo. 
  • SRF staff will clean instruments, interior doorknobs, lab bench surfaces and cabinet handles, light switches and other frequently touched surfaces at the beginning (nominally between 8 am and 9 am) and end (nominally between 4 pm and 5 pm) of each day.


If a user has not used an instrument since last March, contact the SRF Manager responsible for that instrument to schedule a review meeting. Send email with the subject heading: TRAINED USER REQUEST FOR INSTRUMENT ACCESS.