Any publications or presentations of work done using Shared Research Facilities must contain an acknowledgment of Shared Research Facilities. This is critical to our future funding. The suggested wording is:

“We acknowledge use of the WVU Shared Research Facilities.”

By using Shared Research Facilities, you agree to include an acknowledgment in all publications and presentations that use data acquired in the SRF. You also agree to provide the facility manager with a copy of any paper or abstract that acknowledges SRF use for our reporting to our cost-share partners and funding agencies.


  • Shared Research Facilities are available on a first-signed-up, first-used basis.
  • All users must undergo training prior to being allowed to use equipment unsupervised. Access to the laboratories may be limited until staff have signed off on your competency on the equipment.
  • All users must have completed a user agreement prior to training.
  • All users must have filled out information about the account(s) to which their usage will be charged prior to usage.
  • Users must report any anomalies – equipment left in an improper idle state by a previous user, damage, or unusual operation – to a staff member immediately. Catching problems as early as possible helps decrease equipment downtime.


Failure to observe safety procedures is grounds for having your access to the Shared Research Facilities limited.