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29 Oct

West Virginia University (WVU) graduate student and Shared Research Facilities user, Oshadha Ranasingha, won first place in the Student Science Video Competition at the Fifth Biennial Science, Technology and Research (STaR) Symposium. Students from institutions across West Virginia entered the video competition, hosted by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission’s (HEPC) Division of Science and Research. The competition required students to produce a short video explaining their work to general audiences. Ranasingha was one of four finalists chosen to present their work to a panel of judges. Justin Chambers, another WVU student was also chosen to present.

The winning video is entitled “CO2 conversion by Nano Heaters,” and describes his research with Professor James P. Lewis of WVU Physics Department. Part of the experiments to characterize these materials were done in WVU Shared Research Facilities laboratories. The video also won the People’s Choice Award – first place. As part of the competition, Ranasingha had to give a presentation of his work using nothing but a white board and a couple of markers. “Working without notes or technology was a great learning experience,” says Ranasingha.

The STaR 2013 Video Competition Award included a $1,000 check, which Ranasingha promises to spend on schoolbooks.

Check Oshadha Ranasingha’s award-winning video on this link.

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