Where to start


WVU Shared Research Facilities (SRF) uses the CORES reservation software for instrument reservations and invoicing purposes.

To register as a user of the SRF for the Cleanrooms, Materials Characterization, Electron Microscopy and BioNano Research facilities, new users must first view the SRF CORES Introductory Presentation and complete the SRF CORES Training online document to notify SRF staff that the user has viewed this presentation. Then the user must complete the CORES Billing Information form which will provide SRF staff with the necessary information to create user accounts in CORES. Once the CORES user account is created, users will be notified by email.

1) SRF CORES Training Presentation
2) SRF CORES Training
3) CORES Billing Information

For the High Performance Computing Facilities, please request an account here.

User Agreement

All SRF users must have a signed user agreement on file. The SRF User Agreement explains the rules the user must abide to while working in the SRF facilities.

Please, review the SRF User Agreement and sign the form online by providing the required information and selecting SUBMIT.

1) SRF User Agreement

Safety Training

All SRF users must attend a compulsory SRF General Laboratory and Chemical Safety Training prior to requesting or attending any instrument trainings:

1) SRF General Laboratory and Chemical Safety Training

Depending on the laboratory that the user will be working in, other safety trainings may be required. If you are not sure about which trainings are required, please contact the appropriate SRF manager before registering. Use the links below to register for the next available session. The SRF manager responsible for the selected training will contact you after the registration form is submitted.

1) Biosafety Training (required for access to the SRF Bio-Nano Research Facilities or users processing biological samples in SRF laboratories)
2) Cleanroom Protocol and Safety Training (required for access to the SRF Cleanroom facilities)

Equipment Training

To request training on an SRF instrument, email the appropriate SRF manager. In the email, include the name of the instrument, any process details, and the user availability. An SRF manager will respond with a training date and time.

Please be advised that certain instrumentation may require multiple training sessions.

Special Training

If you will be using the XRD in White Hall, you must complete a WVU Dosimeter Badge Application and submit this application to a WVU Shared Research Facilities staff member. Then you must complete the WVU X-Ray Radiation Safety Training. An SRF staff manager will work with the WVU Radiation Safety Office to enable users to gain access to this training website and will notify users by email when their access is granted.

1) WVU Dosimeter Badge Application
2) WVU X-Ray Radiation Safety

Some Suggestions

  • Provide as much information as possible about what you want to use the instruments to do. This allows SRF manager’s to tailor instruction to user needs.
  • Do not ask for training too far in advance. You learn how to use the instruments by working on them. If too much time has elapsed between your initial training and your requested use, the Facility Manager may require that you undergo re-training.
  • Do not learn too many instruments at one time. Focus on getting comfortable with a smaller set of instruments, then expand.