Materials Tracking Form

Chemical Hygiene Plans

Chemical Safety

General Lab Safety Information

Lab Inspections

Cleanroom Safety Information

  • Cleanroom Protocol and Safety Training Presentation
  • The cleanroom protocol training provides an orientation to cleanrooms and contamination control. Laboratory rules of conduct and dress code will be explained. The chemical safety training introduces the types of specialized chemicals used in the cleanroom and their associated safety hazard. Proper use and disposal techniques to avoid contamination are discussed, as well as the material path in and out of the cleanroom. This training is mandatory for admittance into the cleanroom and for using any equipment located within the cleanrooom.

Materials Characterization Facilities Safety Information

  • WVU Dosimeter Badge Application
  • If you will be using the XRD in White Hall, you must complete a Dosimeter Badge Application and submit this application through email to a WVU Shared Research Facilities staff member. Then you must complete the WVU X-Ray Radiation Safety.
    Each piece of equipment has pre-requisite safety training that must be completed prior to training on the instrument.

BioNano Research Facilities Safety Information