Frequently Asked Questions


Who can use the Shared Research Facilities?

The SRF is open to all researchers at WVU, and to researchers outside of WVU as well. There is no requirement that you be a member of any department, college, group or center to use the facilities.

What does it cost?

We are a cost recovery center, which means we charge only what is required to run the facilities. There are rates associated with the instrument facilities (Cleanrooms, MCF, EMF and BNRF) Our rates are available here. All WVU users pay the same rates. The High Performance Computing Facilities are structured a little differently. Please visit our the HPC pages for more information.

I have an idea to make the SRF run better. Who do I tell?

Any member of the SRF staff is happy to receive input.

How do I find out what kind of equipment you have?

Our equipment can be perused by facility and by function.

Why is the JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope listed in the Cleanroom and Electron Microscopy Facilities?

The JEOL SEM has E-Beam Lithography capability, technique used in microfabrication processes in the Cleanroom. Users working exclusively with the microscope are charges on an hourly basis through the EMF, while users working on multiple processes within the cleanroom are charged on a daily or monthly basis.

Why are rates different for WVU, WV, and External Users?

WVU and the State of West Virginia subsidize the WVU Shared Research Facilities. The state subsidy is available to all State-supported institutions, while the WVU subsidy is available to WVU researchers only. We are required to charge actual costs, including indirect costs, to external users.


What is CORES?

CORES stands for Core Ordering and Reporting Enterprise system and it is being used as the billing system for the WVU Shared Research Facilities and the WVU Health Sciences Center (HSC).

Why do I need to provide my funding string prior to my student using the facilities?

CORES using funding strings for internal users to charge for the invoices. This is a great savings in credit card fees associated with payments to the facilities.