Electron Microscopy

Electron Microscopy Facility

The SRF Electron Microscopy Facilities is located in the Engineering Sciences Building (ESB). These multiuser laboratories attract people from many different research areas, due to its wide range of capabilities, reasonable costs and minimum wait time for training and use of the instruments available. The EMF is fundamental for structural analyses of different materials, going from bulk samples to biological. Sample preparation can be developed on site and experienced staff is available to assist users with all their requirements. Tools include:

  • JEOL JEM-2100 Transmission Electron Microscope
  • JEOL JSM-7600F Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Hitachi S-4700 Scanning Electron Microscope
  • Fischione 1050 TEM Mill
  • Denton Desk V Sputter and Carbon Coater
  • Allied High Tech Mulitprep Precision Polishing System
  • Allied High Tech Low Speed Saw Tech4
  • Baltec CO2 Critical Point Dryer CPD30
  • Leica Ultramicrotome UC7 RT
  • Zeiss Axio Lab.A1 Microscope

Electron Microscopy Facilities Manager

Marcela Redigolo, Ph.D.